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Junior Classes

Group Junior Tennis Classes

Junior Classes are back!!

ADULTS TBD, as we are still completing our Spring Session makeups

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, we are offering limited JUNIOR group classes with 4 students per court and instructor for a 6 week session.

** To help ensure we have everyone in the right place, we have changed the structure of our classes. Students will sign up for classes based on age, day, and time, however, their level will be assessed and determined by a questionnaire at sign up and assisted by the pros on court. These classes will be listed as level: Open.

We will also offer classes for students who are seeking a more competitive class structure. These classes are open to all ages, 8 years and up,  that have the ability to keep the ball consistently in play, and are starting to work towards tournaments. These classes will be listed as level: Tournament Prep.

For days and times when only one court is available, the age and level will be clearly designated.

Classes begin November 2nd and will end on December 20th.

Sign ups will begin on Friday October 23rd at 10am ON THE HOMEPAGE

Projected schedule below, some classes and pros may change

Classes for 3 year olds are in  grey
Classes for 4-6 year old players are in yellow
Classes for 7-10 year olds are in pink
Classes for 11-15 year olds are in blue
Classes for 16-18 year olds are in red
Classes for Tournament prep 8 years old and up are in  black
Spots Available are allocated for 4 students per court with one instructor.


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