Friday Classes

2021 Summer Friday Junior Group Classes at La Cienega Tennis Center

June 14 - August 29 - 11 Week Session

$264 - Non Beverly Hills Residents

$242 - Beverly Hills Residents

* Classes and instructors are subject to change


1.0 - Beginner. Players who are new to tennis
2.0 - Advanced Beginner. A refresher for those who have not played in awhile. Class is geared towards continuing to build on the fundamentals
3.0 - Intermediate. Players can sustain rallies and have a working knowledge of all shots in tennis.
4.0 - Advanced. Players can compete at a high level of competition.
Beginner - Players are new to tennis
Advanced Beginner - Players have basic knowledge of all the shots in tennis
Intermediate - Players have consistent ability to hit all shots and are learning how to construct points

JCP Prep - Players are working on advanced spins and strategies as they prepare for competitive play.