Beverly Hills Tennis offers Adult and Junior classes all year long. Class sessions run between 10 weeks to 14 weeks. Junior Classes are offered based on age and level. There is a maximum of 6 players in the Junior Classes. Adult Classes are offered based on the NTRP style ratings. There is a maximum of 8 players in the Adult Classes.


Fall Classes will be held September 13 - December 19,2021
Fall Registration began August 16 at 10AM.
Classes are held at La Cienega Tennis Center unless noted otherwise

If your chosen class is full at time of registration, please email to place yourself on the waitlist for any openings

No Classes Thursday September 16 for Yom Kippur and The week of November 22 - 28 for Thanksgiving.
$312 for the entire session for Non Beverly Hills Residents. $286 for Beverly Hills Residents.
All those registered in Group Classes will receive a store credit for any missed classes due to rain. There are no makeup classes.


*Instuctors and class schedule subject to change

If you believe you have credit, please email


Beginner - 1.0

These players are new to the game of the game of Tennis.

What to expect in this class:

Names and parts o f the racket court

Beginning fundamentals and strokes—forehand, backhand, volley, and serve

Basic tennis footwork

Ability will be determined by an instructor for class

advance beg-img

Advanced Beginner - 2.0

These players can successfully hit groundstrokes, volleys, and serves over the net. Movement and footwork is becoming more defined.

What to expect in this class:

Further stroke development

Transition from baseline to net

Consistency, rally, and placement drills

Scoring and advanced serving

Footwork and movement drills

Ability will be determined by an instructor for class


Intermediate - 3.0

These players can carry on short rallies at medium pace. They have control and placement of strokes,. They can transition from baseline to net. They can serve and keep score of games.

What to expect in this class:

Advanced strokes including spins, slice, lobs, touch and out of the air

Strategy for point play

Depth and control of the court

Preparation for JCP and tournament play


JCP Prep - 4.0

These players are competitive tournament level players. They have a strong grasp on different types of spins, slices, and other stroke production.

What to expect in this class:

Competitive point play

High intensity workout

Advanced footwork, placement, and drills

10/18/21 - Courts are currently drying. Our goal is to have the 10am class.