Junior Competition Program (JCP)

JCP is for players aspiring to partake and excel at competitive play. JCP Director, Scott Crichlow, played for Seton Hall University and went on to play for several years on the men's professional circuit at the Futures and Challenger levels. Scott has coached for high schools, college, and on the ATP tour. Scott places a major emphasis on the development of a solid foundation in technique, strategy, physical fitness, and mental fitness. Students will be assigned to the appropriate level; Novice, Satellite, and Open, as determined by the program director.

JCP Spring 2022
March 21 - June 5, 2022
10 weeks
Monday-Saturday practices are held 4-6pm JCP players must be approved by director Scott Crichlow. You can reach him at scottcrichlow@beverlyhillstennis.com

Minimum age to participate is 8 yrs old. Minimum skill level Advanced Intermediate.

For all players already accepted by Scott Crichlow, links will be provided to sign up. For all other information on JCP, email Scottcrichlow@beverlyhillstennis.com


JCP Level Break Down


Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Challenge Ladder Saturday.
Novice players have a working knowledge of groundstrokes, serves, and volleys. They are also able to keep score, while having little to no competitive experience. Novice players will spend the majority of their time developing a solid technical foundation for all basic strokes and will be introduces to competition through drills, point play, and participation in the Westside Tennis League.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Challenge Ladder Saturday
Satellite Players have increased proficiency in all of the basic strokes and have some experience in tournament/competitive play. Satellite players will spend great deal time developing a solid technical foundation for all basic strokes, with an introduction to specialty shots, as wells as tactitcal/strategic instruction. Competitive experience will be enhanced through participation in select USTA sanctioned tournaments as well.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Challenge Ladder Saturday.
Open players have good proficiency in all of the basic strokes and most specialty shots, and have significant experience in USTA sanctioned tournaments. These players are in the process of or have attained sectional and/or national rankings/ Open players will spend a significant amount time further improving upon their abilities in all facets of the game including technique, shot selection, tactics/strategy, mental fitness, and physical fitness. Competition for these players will be focused on USTA sanctioned tournament play.